Dark loft in Kiev, Ukraine, by Victoria Gacko


Dark loft in Kiev, Ukraine, by Victoria Gacko

The project of a dark loft in the capital of Ukraine, Kiev, was presented by designer Victoria Gacko. The customer of the interior was a guy who works a lot and spends little time at home. The main task for the designer was to create a loft-style space with a comfortable bedroom and the most functional workplace. At the same time, the client was ready for any experiments.

Attention in the interior of the apartment is immediately attracted by the kitchen. Its functional accent is a metal structure with a wooden top. This is a kind of mix of a dining table and a bar counter. Since the owner of the apartment is fond of auto and motor sports, a rack was installed in the living room to store helmets and cups received at competitions. There is also a themed coffee table with a glass top. At its base is an engine from a car. The decorative wall in the living room was created from plywood, hammered with metal anchors and spray-painted black.


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Architect: Victoria Gatsko Location: Kiev, Ukraine Photographer: Oleg Stelma x Website: olegstelmakh.com

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