Functional home in Thorold, Canada by Superkül inc


Functional house in Thorold, Canada by Superkül inc

Efficient House is a Danish house model that emphasizes energy efficiency, low environmental impact and superior quality of the building's interior space. The house is located in a residential area in Southern Ontario, Canada. The building was erected by Great Gulf, one of Canada's largest real estate developers. The idea of ​​the architects is to change the idea of ​​traditional design and “luxury”, none of which contributes to human health or the environment.

The quality aspects of a home focus on natural daylight and ventilation and how they can dramatically change the feel of a home. The efficient Thorold home features an open transverse plan with a series of controllable skylights that flood the home with ample daylight so no artificial lighting is needed during the day. Windows also serve as natural ventilation. A full-length deck at the rear of the home highlights the visually seamless transition from inside to outside, and encourages occupants to keep the sliding glass doors open.

Using existing local design guidelines for traditional gabled roof construction and adapting them to this home project, a multifunctional experience was created a design that provided the basis for an open floor plan with plenty of daylight and excellent environmental performance.

The home's heating system has been designed to optimize comfort and efficiency using zoned heating, HRV and a high efficiency stove. The design of the house maximizes the solar heat received in winter through the windows on the south side of the house. Overhangs and curtain controls help keep the house cool in the summer. Excellent wall insulation and automatic control system for curtains, lighting and windows with heating and cooling system, ensure high efficiency of the house.

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The building has a rainwater harvesting system installed to reduce the use of water for watering the garden and flushing the toilet. The solar hot water system and the use of rainwater ensure a reduced environmental impact.

From the beginning, the house was designed as a timber panel structure to reduce construction waste and construction time. Wall, floor and roof panels were made at the factory, packed and delivered by truck to the site. The frame of the house was built in just a few days.

Great Gulf, as one of the largest domestic construction companies, is true to the idea of ​​being an innovative and forward-looking company that can effectively compete with others in the housing construction market. This project was based on the belief that the idea will generate sustained consumer interest. It was also a kind of innovation in terms of design and efficiency, which would allow the company to go further and build the next version of the house, which is scheduled to begin in February 2014.

The Thorold Efficient Home is a new milestone in Canadian housing development that pushes the boundaries of contemporary home design built every year in this country.

Architect: Superkül inc Website: s Location: Torold, Canada Photographer: Torben Eskerod


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